Mission, Vision, Values

From the beginning to the New Old Company focus on innovation and product quality, decisive for the loyalty factor, having an internal design department can develop from the beginning, along with the client, any button.


Create and develop products of natural or synthetic base, highlighting globally by developing innovative and continuous pursuit of excellence in our operations and sustainability solutions.


Being recognized as a leader in sustainable botoaria sector, providing consistently to our customers the best products, maintaining the highest levels of quality, investing in business and responsible environmental practices.

Being among the largest units of craft production in the world and be recognized by the practices of respect for employees and the environment.


Integrity and Security

Offer our employees and customers total transparency and ethics as fundamental for any action or decision.


Constant search for excellence in all products, combined with the best practices, ensuring sustainable and high standard results.


Beyond the borders of the company and understand the business environment as a set of interconnected relationships.


Always look for new prospects for businesses, mobilizing and motivating teams to implement.

Relationship Quality

Create an environment in which to cultivate relationships of transparency, respect and trust.


Our passion for buttons sustains a work environment with energy, autonomy and motivation to innovate more and more.


Inspire and direct the employees as the company's growth strategy.

Environmental Responsibility

Thinking about the company and its business impacts on the environment, contributing to the social, environmental and economic progress of society.